Frequently Asked Questions
I am happy to meet your cheffing needs. Simply ask me and I will do my very best to accommodate you. I am constantly adding & changing recipes and services, and would welcome your questions and suggestions.
Do you need to cook in my kitchen?
How are the meals packaged?
How difficult is it to heat the meals?
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Is a Personal Chef Affordable?
Are the grocery shopping and meal preparation thankless chores? Are you tired of take-out food and unhealthy alternatives? Are you physically disabled or have trouble getting around? Are you a busy household with too many errands? With a Personal Chef Service, you are getting custom tailored, healthy, delicious meals at a truly affordable price in the comfort and warmth of your own home. No driving to a restaurant, no waiting in line, no settling for less than acceptable service. You can "dine - out" in your own home without the fuss and frustrations.
I can if you would like me too, and now I can deliver too! I now am able to work from a commercially approved kitchen. While cheffing in either kitchen, I am fully covered by Personal Chef Liability Insurance through the Hartford Company.
Your meals are packaged to your preferences - family style, portions for two, or portions for one. Packaging will depend on the dish being prepared as some items store better in foil, while others may store better in sealed bags, or plastic containers. I can also use your glass or pyrex containers if you prefer, for items such as casseroles or for certain fresh serve items. This may give your meals that extra "home-style" touch.
It is easy and convenient! I will leave you detailed, food-safe heating instructions to ensure that your meals are heated properly and safely to maintain the optimimum taste and benefits.
Absolutely! The cost of putting dinner on the table includes more than just the cost of food. When you add up the time and money spent on planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up, the cost per meal is comparable to eating out. (Not to mention the cost of gas these days, and all the groceries that spoil in your fridge because you just donít have time to prepare them). But, you will be eating meals customized to your tastes and needs, at home, and at your own convenience. And, youíll have the extra time to enjoy doing the things you love!
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